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walks near Kilnwick Percy

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July 21, 2023 · 10 MIN READ

Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club is in Pocklington, Yorkshire. Amongst the English countryside, which means there are plenty of walks to enjoy in the local area.

If you are planning on booking a holiday here or you are already visiting this year, then this blog will be useful to read through before you go. Whether you are just wanting to know about some quick walks or want to try out a longer walk that will take a full morning or afternoon. You will find the perfect route for you listed below.

1-5km walks

Wold Farm Circular

start: YO42 1XG – 4 min drive from resort

distance: 3.7km

duration: 1-1.5hrs

This walk is just down the road from the resort and is a great little loop if you don’t have much time or don’t want to be walking too far. It takes you along country lanes and woodland areas and is a rather quiet loop and easy to complete for all abilities.

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Pocklington Chapel Hill Circular 

start: YO42 2QW – 6 minute drive from resort

distance: 5km

duration: 1.5-2hrs

This walk starts and ends in Pocklington town centre and is a moderate route that most can do. With footpaths, country lanes, and woodland that you go through on the route. Some areas of the woodland can be muddy at times so it’s best to wear appropriate footwear.

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Allerthorpe Wood Circular

start: Allerthorpe Woods Car Park   12 minute drive from resort

distance: 4km

duration: 1-1.5hrs

This circular walk takes you on a short trail around Allerthorpe Woods which is a small pine woods in the Vale of York. Overall it is a relatively flat route and is perfect for all abilities to enjoy. It can take between an hour and an hour and a half to complete but may take longer if you stop to explore the woods.

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Londerborough Park Circular

start: All Saints, Londesborough – 11 minute drive from resort

distance: 3.4km

duration: 1hr

Enjoy exploring the area of Londerborough Park which starts and ends in the village. Throughout the route you will go through parts of the village, forests, and open fields where some livestock may be. The route is an easy one to complete and there are more paths in the area if you wanted to make it longer and explore further.

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Huggate - walks near Kilnwick Percy

6-10km walks

Newton Upon Derwent Circular

start: The Half Moon Inn 16 minute drive from resort

distance: 8.4km

duration: 2hrs

This circular trail takes you around the Newton Upon Derwent town, Derwent riverbank and Sutton Wood. Throughout this trail you will be able to enjoy the Yorkshire countryside and make sure you keep an eye out for wildlife like deer during the walk. It’s a moderately challenging route but definitely work it, and you can enjoy a drink or bite to eat at the pub at the end.

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Millington and the Wolds

start: The Gait Inn – 5 minute drive from resort

distance: 8.2km

duration: 2-2.5hrs

Explore the Yorkshire Wolds and the village of Millington as you complete the Millington and the Wolds circular walk. Along this route there are some steady climbs, lanes, and grassy paths as well as some gates, boardwalks, and stiles. It’s a great way to explore locally to the resort and is considered a moderately challenging route.

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Huggate Circular

start: Huggate Car Park  11 minute drive from resort

distance: 7.4km

duration: 1.5-2hrs

The Huggate Circular is a trail that starts and ends at the car park near the Wolds Inn in Huggate. Taking no longer than 2 hours to complete this trail will take you along a mix of paths as well as farmland and open fields in the Huggate area. It’s a great trail that doesn’t take too much time to complete but is long enough if you are wanting a decent walk.

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Wetwang Circular

start: Thorndale Lane, YO25 9XH – 18 minute drive from resort

distance: 7.1km

duration: 1.5-2hrs

This circular walk is close to the Yorkshire Wolds and takes you through woodlands, open fields, grassland and past some livestock. There are stiles and gates along this route but overall it is a fairly easy trail and is great for all abilities. It is quite a quiet route as well so great if you aren’t wanting to pass to many people during your way around.

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10km+ walks

Pocklington and Minster Way Circular

start: The Mile Campsite 6 minute drive from resort

distance: 16.9km

duration: 5-5.5hrs

This walk starts by The Mile Campsite and takes you through Pocklington Wood, past Kilnwick Percy Resort and around Millington and Givendale before ending in Pocklington. Although the route does end in the town centre you can head back to the campsite which has a Farm Shop & Café. This is a great long walk that takes you around the local area of the resort.

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Seaton Ross, Holme-on-Spalding-Moor and Everingham Circular

start: The Black Horse – 19 minute drive from resort

distance: 11.3km

duration: 2.5-3hrs

Overall this circular walk is considered a moderately challenging route but a great one to do if you want to explore an area local to the resort. You will go along country lanes, fields, and part of the Howdenshire Rail Trail for part of the walk. It’s perfect if you have a full morning or afternoon to fit a walk in during your stay.

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