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walks near The Springs

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January 11, 2024 · 10 MIN READ

Heading to The Springs Resort & Golf Club and looking for things to do in the local area?

Make the most of your time at The Springs and explore the local area during your stay. With the resort being in Wallingford you will never be far from a stunning walk in the Oxfordshire countryside. But if you are new to the area this blog will be perfect for you as we have put together a list of a range of walks in various lengths so there is something to suit everyone. Have a read below and see which walk takes your fancy.

walks near Wallingford

1-5km walks

Hailey and Ipsden Circular

start: King William IV – 7 min drive from resort

distance: 3.9km

duration: 1-1.5hrs

A short but enjoyable walk that takes you around the beautiful countryside around Hailey. Overall, the route is flat but there are some steady gradients along the way. You will go along stone tracks, field paths and village lanes in a circular route that starts and ends at the King William IV pub.

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Icknield Bank Plantation Circular

start: Wallingford OX10 6PE 11 minute drive from resort

distance: 4.8km

duration: 1.5-2hrs

This 4.8km trail takes you along a circular route through the forests near the Icknield Bank Plantation. You will be able to enjoy interacting with nature on your way around, it is also a popular route for both walkers and mountain bikers so depending what you enjoy you can do both here.

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Stoke Row Circular

start: The Cherry Tree Inn 13 minute drive from resort

distance: 1.4km

duration: 20-30mins

Taking no longer than half an hour to complete, the Stoke Row Circular is a short and easy walk for anyone to enjoy. Start and end at The Cherry Tree Inn, you will make your way through woods and roads before turning back towards the pub. But there are options to make the route longer if you’d like.

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Goring and Hartslock Nature Reserve

start: Goring & Streatley Station Car Park 9 minute drive from resort

distance: 5.8km

duration: 1.5-2hrs

Enjoy this circular walk that starts and ends at the Goring and Streatley station. Overall this route is relatively flat but goes steeper when you go across the nature reserve. The first part of the walk is along quiet lanes and then on the way back you will be on the Thames Path which is a beautiful stretch across along the river.

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Wallingford walks

6-10km walks

Hailey to Mongewell Woods Circular

start: King William IV 7 minute drive from resort

distance: 7.1km

duration: 1.5-2hrs

If you are looking for a slightly longer walk this 7.1km route from Hailey to Mongewell Woods will be perfect. Taking no longer than 2 hours you will be able to explore the green fields and woodlands as you follow the trail round. And since it starts and ends at the pub it’s a great place to enjoy a bite to eat or something to drink at the end.

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Round Hill Loop from Shillingford

start: Shillingford Bridge Hotel – 10 minute drive from resort

distance: 8.5km

duration: 2-2.5hrs

Enjoy this 8.5km loop that takes you from Shillingford Hill across to Little Wittenham. Along the route you will pass through fields, forests and make your way around a hill where you can enjoy some impressive views across the Oxfordshire countryside. It’s a great walk that all abilities can enjoy.

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Benson and Wallingford Castle

start: Millstream Car Park – 8 minute drive from resort

distance: 7.2km

duration: 1.5-2hrs

Try out this 7.2km circular walk just 8 minutes away from the resort. Starting in Benson you will be able to follow the route through Preston Crowmarsh until you get to Wallingford. Here you can visit the castle and get a bite to eat or drink before continuing with the walk.

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Blewbury Gallops Circular

start: The Blewbury – 15 minute drive from resort

distance: 8.5km

duration: 2-2.5hrs

This 8.5km circular walk takes you from Blewbury and through wide farmland paths. There is a steady incline at the start but you will be rewarded with incredible views the whole way around which will make it worthwhile. There may also be some horses out on the private land around the walk training on the gallops so keep an eye out for them.

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The RIdgeway walk Oxfordshire

10km+ walks

Wallingford Circular

start: Goldsmith’s Lane Car Park – 7 minute drive from resort

distance: 11.1km

duration: 2.5-3hrs

Enjoy this longer circular route that starts and ends in Wallingford just 7 minutes away from the resort. It is a 11.1km trail and will take no longer than 3 hours to complete. You will head along various countryside lanes, fields and farmland and there are amazing views to enjoy during a clear day on your way around.

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The Ridgeway to Grumble Bottom

start: Rectory Road – 16 minute drive from resort

distance: 13.2km

duration: 3.5-4hrs

You can park your car at the end of Rectory Road where The Ridgeway starts. From there you will head up an easy climb up The Ridgeway. Along the way you can enjoy some incredible views and beautiful scenery. Part of the trail goes along some lanes before joining The Ridgeway again.

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