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walks near Tilford Woods

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August 25, 2023 · 10 MIN READ

When you are next heading to Tilford Woods Lodge Retreat on holiday make sure you try out one of these walks.

There is no better way of exploring the local area than by trying out a walking route nearby. We have put together this handy blog full of a range of walking routes in the local area and they range from shorter 3km walks all the way to 10km+ walks so you will find one to suit your group. Have a read and see which one takes your fancy ready for when you are next at Tilford Woods.

1-5km walks

Bourne Wood and Farnham Heath Circular

start: Bourne Wood – 6 min drive from resort

distance: 3.9km

duration: 1-1.5hrs

If you are looking for a short trail just around the corner from the resort then the Bourne Wood and Farnham Heath Circular will be perfect. It takes you along a range of paths as you go through woodland and field. Overall it’s a fairly easy route with a few small hills but nothing too intense.

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Yagden Hill Circular

start: Stockbridge Parking for Tilford Green – 2 minute drive from resort

distance: 5.8km

duration: 1.5-2hrs

The Yagden Hill Circular walk will be perfect choice if you want something close to the resort. Taking no longer than 2 hours to complete this route takes you past Stockbridge pond and through Hankley Common Golf Club until you end up at the top of the hill where you can enjoy some incredible views.

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Frensham Ponds Circular

start: Frensham Car Park   4 minute drive from resort

distance: 3.1km

duration: 30mins-1hr

Explore the Frensham Little Pond as you complete the Frensham Ponds Circular walk. Just a 4 minute drive away from Tilford Woods, this circular walk takes you along the banks of the little pond. Overall, the route is relatively flat and a great place to go for birdwatching.

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Tice’s Meadow

start: Aldershot GU11 3RJ – 24 minute drive from resort

distance: 3.2km

duration: 30mins-1hr

A short trail that takes you along Tice’s Meadow in Farnham. It’s a great route if you want an easy walk where you can spot some wildlife along the way. Make sure you keep an eye out for birds like Canada geese, plovers, coots and sandpipers.

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6-10km walks

Claypit Wood Circular

start: Farnham Park Office & Information Centre 14 minute drive from resort

distance: 6.4km

duration: 1.5-2hrs

Starting at the golf course the Claypit Wood Circular takes you along grassy meadows, woodland and country roads. It’s a fairly easy walk to complete and one that everyone can enjoy if you are looking for something that will take no longer than 2 hours to complete.

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Bourne Grove and Bourne Wood Circular

start: The Spotted Cow – 7 minute drive from resort

distance: 6.6km

duration: 1.5-2hrs

Enjoy a 6.6km circular walk that takes you around Bourne Wood. With various climbs and descents on the way round it is a slightly more challenging route but still one that most people can complete. There are various paths going through woodland, village lanes and the heath.

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Kettlebury Hill Circular

start: Tilford Brewery 2 minute drive from resort

distance: 9.2km

duration: 2.5-3hrs

This circular walk starts just outside of the resort by Tilford Brewery. This picturesque trail takes you around Hankley Common and through the heath and woodland. Along these paths you will be able to enjoy some incredible views but check the route is open as the Ministry of Defence sometimes close it when they are running training exercises.

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Frensham Great and Little Ponds

start: Frensham Great Pond & Commons Car Park 13 minute drive from resort

distance: 8km

duration: 2-2.5hrs

The Frensham Great and Little Pongs circular walk is a great route to explore with some incredible views along the way. Some of the paths are sandy and can be challenging at points but it is worth it for exploring the lakes. Dogs are allowed along this route but they aren’t allowed to swim in the water although there is a designated area on the Great Frensham Pond.

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10km+ walks

Waverley and Bourne Wood Circular

start: Rural Life Living Museum 7 minute drive from resort

distance: 13.7km

duration: 3-3.5hrs

This 13.7km circular route takes you around a range of areas local to the resort, from the urban areas to parts of a man-made forest. Overall it is considered a moderately challenging route but definitely worth doing if you are wanting to be out for a while exploring the local area.

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Tilford Birds and Bridges Circular

start: Frensham Great Pond & Commons Car Park – 13 minute drive from resort

distance: 12.1km

duration: 3-3.5hrs

The Tilford Birds and Bridges Circular is a picturesque walk that takes you on a look around the ponds, the River Wey and a few medieval bridges along the way. There are some steady climbs throughout the route and some sections go through woodland.

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