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walks near Woodside

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December 18, 2023 · 10 MIN READ

Are you looking at planning a trip to the Isle of Wight this year?

If so then this blog will be useful for you, we have two resorts on the Isle of Wight offering self-catering getaways and providing you with the perfect base for exploring the island. You can get around the Isle of Wight in around 2 hours so you will never be far away from a good walking route. And to help you out we’ve done the research and put together a range of different walking routes to suit all ages and abilities, have a read and save this for when you are next visiting.

Coastal Path - walks near Woodside

1-5km walks

Medina Greenway, Newport Estuary

start: Island Harbour Marina – 11 min drive from resort

distance: 5.3km

duration: 1-1.5hrs

If you are looking for a riverside walk then the Medina Greenway, Newport Estuary out and back style route will be perfect. The walk starts at the Island Harbour Marina and takes you along the river Medina until you get to the outskirts of Newport before turning and heading back to the marina. There is also a pub nearby which would make the perfect place to stop for a drink or a bite to eat.

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Parkhurst Forest

start: Newport, PO30 5UB – 20 minute drive from resort

distance: 3.9km

duration: 1-1.5hrs

Parkhurst Forest is known for being one of the oldest forests in the country and is popular will red squirrels and many species of bird. This 3.9km trail will take you around parts of the forest in a circular loop. Make sure you keep an eye out for any of the wildlife that live in the area during your way around. There are also plenty of picnic areas around the woods so you could bring food with you to eat whilst you’re there.

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Rew Street to Gurnard Marsh via the Coastal Path

start: Rew Street 20 minute drive from resort

distance: 5.8km

duration: 1-1.5hrs

Enjoy this 5.8km circular route that takes you along the coast from Rew Street to Gurnard Marsh. Parts of the walk go along roads but most of the route is along the coastal path. On clear days you can take in the incredible views out to sea, but this is a great walk to choose all year round. There might not be parking right near where the walk starts but there will be parking in the area.

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Brading Down and Kelly’s Copse

start: Brading Down Local Nature Reserve 19 minute drive from resort

distance: 4.5km

duration: 1-1.5hrs

With this circular trail you will be able to enjoy some incredible views especially on a clear day as you make your way around. It’s a 4.5km walk and will take no longer than 90 minutes to complete, on your way around the walk you will pass Nunwell House and Garden which dates all the way back to the 16th century.

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Ryde - walks near Woodside

6-10km walks

Fishbourne to Ryde

start: The Fishbourne 9 minute drive from resort

distance: 6km

duration: 1.5-2hrs

The Fishbourne to Ryde walk starts just a 9 minute drive away from the resort and is an out and back style route that will take a maximum of 2 hours to complete. The walk starts in Fishbourne by the ferry terminal and takes you along the country lanes and past the golf course until you end up in Ryde where you will then turn around and head back.

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Seaview and St Helens Circular

start: St Helens Green Car Park – 22 minute drive from resort

distance: 7.9km

duration: 2-2.5hrs

The Seaview and St Helens Circular walk is a 7.9km trail that starts and ends in St Helens. The first section of the walk takes you down to the beach and along until you get to the Seaview Hotel where you will then loop back around through Seaview and Nettlestone until you make it back to St Helens.

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Knighton and Adgestone Circular

start: Knighton Shute 17 minute drive from resort

distance: 8.7km

duration: 1.5-2hrs

Enjoy the 8.7km circular trail that takes you through Knighton and Adgestone across a mixture of terrains including farmlands, country lanes and open fields. It is a really scenic walk with incredible views the whole way around. Make sure you wear suitable footwear especially if it has been raining as some areas will be muddy.

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Newport to Cowes Cycleway

start: Medina Riverside Park – 16 minute drive from resort

distance: 9.7km

duration: 1.5-2hrs

If you are looking for a longer walk that doesn’t take you across fields, then the Newport to Cowes Cycleway route will be perfect. It’s an out and back style walk that starts and ends at the Medina Riverside Park, from here you will be able to walk along the path that takes you all the way to Cowes.

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River Medina - walks near Woodside

10km+ walks

Ryde to Cowes

start: St Thomas Street Long Stay Car Park 13 minute drive from resort

distance: 13.4km

duration: 3-3.5hrs

The Ryde to Cowes walk is a point-to-point style route that takes you along a mix of terrains from roads to woodland scenery and even views of The Solent. Overall, it is a long but not too strenuous walk with only a few hills. It’s a great way to take in and explore the North coast as you pass through Fishbourne, Wootton, Whippingham, East Cowes and Cowes.

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River Medina – Cowes Floating Bridge Circular

start: Folly Inn – 14 minute drive from resort

distance: 15.4km

duration: 3-3.5hrs

If you are wanting a longer circular walk then the River Medina – Cowes Floating Bridge route would be a great choice. It starts under a 15 minute drive away from the resort and takes you along the River Medina and across the Floating Bridge in Cowes. It’s a great choice if you are wanting something that will take a few house with plenty of scenery to enjoy along the way.

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