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7 reasons to buy a caravan

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March 27, 2017

Thinking of buying a caravan? Darwin Escapes has the best 7 reasons to convince you to join the Ownership community! Brits have had a love affair with caravans since the 1880’s, from the beaten old tourers, the mint green 70s/80s style statics, up to today’s luxury statics and lodge style accommodation.

Owning your own holiday home is a dream some never consider achievable, but actually static caravans are easily affordable and super cool! I’m not just saying that, many celebrities even own caravans to enjoy this uniquely British holiday experience. Having your very own home away from home means that you don’t have to worry about booking, packing or summer holiday price hikes, you can just get up and go on holiday whenever the mood strikes you.

So I’m here to give you some of the reasons why people buy static caravans…

happy and healthy living

Ever notice you crave a holiday, kind of like craving a cake? (Or is that just me?) Basically surveys show that people on holiday actually have a better ability to resist and recover from stress and can even help to reduce blood pressure. This is probably because on holiday we live better, we tend to eat better and take walks when exploring new places (so being more active). We also have social stimulation and relaxation going on while on holiday, so the whole family’s well-being is improved. Instead of having only one holiday a year, or waiting months in between holidays, owning your own holiday home means you can have a mini health boosting holiday every weekend.


Static caravans are luxury that anyone can afford, with easy and affordable finance options for the most luxurious lodge holiday homes, your dream home is much closer than you think. 75% of all holiday home buyers use the finance option, and often use the referral scheme to generate income and cover the annual costs of having a holiday home. With flexible funding options, no stamp duty and the average price of a holiday home at £32,000, owning your own luxury static caravan is an attractive idea.

holiday’s when you want them

Owning your own holiday home means you can choose when to go on holiday. You don’t have to worry about flight prices sky rocketing during the school holidays, there’s no packing, no booking to deal with, no shopping around for the best deal (because you already have it!), you can just get up and go when you’re ready. With most of our locations open all year round to owners, there is plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy your time away.

discovering new places

All of our locations are surrounded by beautiful scenery and fantastic local attractions to explore, with plenty of beaches, woodland walks, theatre shows and endless shopping to enjoy, you will always have something to do in your home away from home. There is everything from historic castles to exciting roller coasters, so no matter the weather or your budget there will always be something to do.

holiday parks are the best thing since chocolate cake!

Yes I am slightly obsessed with chocolate cake, but this doesn’t make the statement any less true. All holiday parks cater to their clients, whether holiday guests or holiday home owners, meaning that the whole experience is about you, and what can be better than that?

Our Charlie Bear and his Rangers Team make sure to have the little ones entertained all day, and carry on the family entertainment throughout the night.

We also have the Go Active programme for everyone to enjoy. Try your hand at archery, fencing, water walkerz, body zorbing, wall climbing, or many other endless amount of activities that our wonderful Go Active team put on for you.

Some of our locations also offer luxury Spa’s or Spa lodges to treat yourself to a relaxing Aromatherapy Associates treatment or Jessica Nail therapies, have your weekly work out at one of our state of the art gyms and relax at the bar onsite before retiring back to your home away from home.

We offer so much at our locations, from family entertainment and games nights, to magicians, local and international singers, as well as our own home grown talent taking the stage to blow you away too! This is all on your doorstep and waiting for you to explore and enjoy at your own pace.

pet’s love it

It’s a holiday home for ALL your family, that means no worrying about getting a dog sitter or looking for kennels, the little fur-baby can come with you! Not all holiday parks allow pets, but ours do!

they aren’t what you think

What you think they look like…

What they actually look like…

Static caravans are no longer those 1970’s cramped, everyone sleeps in the living room type things anymore. Now you can have your own king size bedroom, free standing baths and fully fitted, spacious, kitchens (to make chocolate cake…) with central heating and running water (seriously!).

So even though I talked a bit about chocolate cake, those are the 7 reasons why people buy static caravans. Pop along to one of our locations and I can promise you, you will be amazed by what you see! If you want to know more information before dropping into our friendly team, get in touch with our Ownership Team on 01745858010, and now I’m off to find some chocolate cake…

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