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8 of the best walks with views in the Peak District

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May 20, 2022 · 15 MIN READ

Make the most of your time in the Peak District and include some of these walks with views on your next visit.

The Peak District is around 1,437 square kilometers in size so as you can imagine there are plenty of walks and incredible views to enjoy during your time there. But we have done some research to help you out and put together a list of the best walks with views in the Peak District. Have a read below and see which ones you want to try and if you are looking for a place to use as a base we have our Rivendale Lodge Retreat in Ashbourne.

Winnats Pass

S33 8WA

This hill and limestone gorge is a popular place to explore if you are in the area. Winnats Pass was underwater around 350 million years ago and still to this day in the limestone you can find fossils from the sea. Now you can come here and enjoy a scenic drive, park up and go on a walk or climb to a viewpoint and watch the sunset or sunrise.

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Mam Tor

S33 8WA

Mam Tor is 517m high and is located near Castleton, the name means “mother hill” due to the amount of landslips the hill has had which has created “mini-hills” around it. Its another great place to watch the sunrise or sunset and due to it being fairly close to Winnats Pass you can actually do a walk that incorporates the two which is around 9km.

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The Three Shires Head

SK11 0BQ

The name Three Shires Head comes from the fact that it lies at the junction of Derbyshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire. This walk is around 5 miles long and goes around a circular loop where you will find waterfalls and areas perfect for wild swimming. It’s a popular spot during the summer months and the perfect place to explore with family.

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Dovedale Stepping Stones


Dovedale is an amazing walking area and viewpoint in The Peak District. One of the main reasons it’s so popular is because of the stepping stones. They were put in place in the late 19th century and fossils can be spotted on some of the steps. If you are looking for a longer walk you can start in Ilam Park and go across to Dovedale where the stepping stones are.

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Thor’s Cave


You can do a full loop to get up to Thor’s Cave and it is around 5.6 miles long and will take around 2-3 hours to complete. Once you get to the natural cavern in the Manifold Valley you can take in all the incredible views of the White Peak and beyond. The walk itself is a moderately challenging walk but the view at the top is completely worth it. And once you are near the top you can explore the area around the cave too.

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Bamford Edge

S33 0AD

This is a shorter walk of them all but one with the most incredible views. It’s a short uphill hike at the start and then once you get to the top you will see the overhang of gritstone rock. Usually on a clear day the views are unbelievable and you can see out to the Ladybower Reservoir and Hope Valley. Follow the link below to find out about the circular 7.9km walk that includes Bamford Edge, Ladybower, the Stepping Stones and a pub!

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Luds Church

SK17 0SU

This mysterious, dark hidden charm within the Peak District is the perfect place to explore. It’s located within the depths of Back Forest and despite the name there is no Church here. It was once used as a place of worship for people that would have been prosecuted in the 15th century and was also believed Robin Hood and Friar Tuck once used it as a hiding place.

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Ladybower Reservoir

S33 0AX

This huge Y shaped artificial reservoir was built between 1935 and 1943 due to heavy demand for water from towns surrounding the Peak District. Now it gets many visitors who want to walk the 5.5 mile route around the reservoir, and to see the impressive ‘plugholes’ that are on either side of the dam. When the water is full you can see the plugholes in action.

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