We all know that British weather is a little unpredictable, you can go out with your biggest coat on and it’ll be 15 degrees, or pop out to the shop in a jumper and it feels like it’s -20 degrees! But there is nothing worse than being stuck inside on a rainy day with nothing to do…well we’re here to help!

We can guarantee you most things your Darwin Escapes break away, fantastic facilities, glorious accommodation, super-friendly service and more, but we can’t guarantee the weather for you. So whether you’re relaxing on the south coast or searching for adventure up north, we thought we would put together the ultimate list of things to do on a rainy day with your children!

All our resorts are the perfect escape away, with stunning accommodation waiting for you and lots of family fun to be had, even on those rainy days. Our list can be done anywhere, if you’re struggling for things to go at home or searching for ideas while on holiday, our accommodation has everything you need for a self-catering break away in the UK and comes ready for all occasions – even bored children on rainy days.

Start planning your activities with our ideas below:

1. get out the board games

family of 5 sitting on the floor playing board games

So this isn’t ground-breaking we know, but you can’t beat an old-faithful! Board games have been entertaining families and children of all ages for thousands of years (maybe don’t quote us on this).

Whether you’re looking for brain teasers like Scrabble, Boggle, or Articulate, where you can sneak in a little education for those little ones. Or if you’re looking for something thrilling like Buckaroo (yes, we really get thrills when that donkey bucks!). Test your detective skills with Clue, get old school with Connect 4, see what happens with the Game of Life or you could settle in for a lengthy game of Monopoly and try not to have an argument.

The choices of board games are endless these days, so this is a great choice a rainy day activity that gets everyone away from the screens!

2. get baking

African father and son have fun in the kitchen cooking and baking together

This one will require a little clean-up, but there will be so much fun had you won’t mind!

Little hands love baking and the list of tasty treats you can create is truly unlimited. Start with the ever-popular fairy cake (we dare you to try and not lick the bowl!), or be a touch more adventurous and maybe try your hands at homemade pizzas! Just Google some pizza recipes and see how easy it really is, pick your favourite toppings and make your perfect pizza each! Or opt for some easy biscuit recipes and cook up some chocolate chip cookies to taste. Or for something with little fuss, you can do the always popular corn flake cake, where all you need is chocolate, and cornflakes!

If you’re on holiday with us here at Darwin Escapes, you’ll find your fully-fitted kitchen (oo-la-la) in your holiday accommodation fully stocked with everything you need for a baking session with your little one, from pots and pans to chopping boards.

3. make a den

little cute Asian girl playing under the table in a den, with pillows, duvets and blankets

A really clever and simple idea for endless fun with imagination on a rainy day.

Another old faithful, you can make your den as simple or extravagant as you wish. Go old school with pillows on the floor, a sheet over the table, and snacks. Up your game a little with a tablet or some books for a cosy little getaway inside your living area, or go all out and drape some fairy lights over, put all the cushions and blankets on the floor, create a door out of sheets and set up your tablet and tasty treats for the ultimate movie time!

If you don’t want movie time, you can get the imagination going with endless games. Pretend your in Neverland with Peter Pan and hiding from the Pirates, or pretend your the Pirates looking for Peter. You could be in a castle waiting for your knight in shining armour, or you could be getting ready to kick your own way out of the fairytale tower and rescue yourself! There are so many possibilities waiting for you!

4. drawing games

little girl colouring with pencils at the table and smiling

All you need is a pen and paper for hours of fun for this underrated rainy day activity!

Children and adults of all ages love colouring and creating, whether you’re 8 or 58, put a pot of colouring pencils and a fresh sheet of paper in-front you and you’ll spend hours creating your very own little scene! Challenge yourselves to create the best house or castle, let little ones create their favourite scenes and then spend the next hour guessing what it is (is it a dog or a heart? it’s beautiful either way!).

You can also try some great games including an old school game of noughts & crosses (how many rounds can you win in a row?) create your own battleships grid and place your ships for a bit of strategic playing, or even have your own version of Pictionary!

You’ll have hours of laughter with each game, and for the little ones, a good educational game like hangman will help with spelling. Plenty of opportunity for sneaky teaching with fun with this rainy day activity for kids.

5. dance off

mother, father and little girl dancing in the living room

Burn off all that extra energy and dance like no one is watching (because no one is!)

Put on your favourite upbeat tunes and start boogying (is that what they say nowadays?). Create a playlist or for the ultimate thrill put your music on random and see what hidden songs you’ve forgotten you had (is there some NSync hidden in there?).

Challenge yourself to see who can dance the longest, or play a good old game of musical chairs or musical statues. Make it more challenging with an obstacle course of pillows and blankets, or simply just have a really good dance off and pick a judge, and don’t forget to up the game with some epic lip sync battles!

6. make a scrapbook

grandmother and granddaughter doing crafts together and creating scrapbooks

You don’t need a lot for this one!

Although this sounds like a lot of work, you actually don’t need a lot at all. You can use magazines, newspapers or photographs (if you have them handy) and sellotape to create a fabulous scrapbook! Use coloring pens and pencils, colourful paper or toilet rolls and put all the pieces of paper together to make your own scrapbook.

You can choose themes and create a scrapbook for each one such as pets, holidays, favourite books or movies. Choose your own theme and create a fantastic scrapbook with your little one.

7. have a fashion show

girl dressed up in mums clothes, with bowler hat on and hiding her face in the hat

Loads of laughs to be had with a fantastic fashion show.

Stretch a sheet out on the floor, set some chairs alongside it, if you have fairy lights dangle them across the chairs and you have yourself a very cosy-looking catwalk! Put on some music for ambience and strut your stuff.

The children can dress up in their fanciest clothes, or dress up in your clothing, or create your best superhero outfits out of bedsheets and make logos on sheets of paper.

8. toilet roll crafts

handmade toilet roll crafts, flowers, bunnies and little characters

Now the panic buying of toilet rolls is over, you may have a lot of empty toilet rolls hanging around the house ready for some fun crafts!

All you need for this is colouring pens or pencils and toilet rolls, if you really want to go fancy you can use glitter and glue! There are limitless little characters you can create with empty toilet rolls. Try your hand creating a little farm filled with animals, make cows and pigs and even make the farmer!

If you really wanted a challenge, why not create a fairy house? Google toilet roll fairy houses and make your own adorable abode for Tinkerbell and her pals, this really is one of the most fun and creative rainy day activities.

Those are our top picks for rainy day activities with your children. Hopefully, we have helped to brighten up those cloudy skies and have given you some inspiration for fun activities you can do whether you’re at home or with us at one of our stunning resorts.


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Have you ever thought about owning your own holiday home? We’ve got the top 10 reasons why buying a luxurious holiday home could be the right decision for you

There are endless reasons why holiday home ownership could be right for you, but we’ve together the top 10 reasons and benefits that having your own personal escape brings. Owning your own holiday home is much easier than you think, with our professional and friendly team taking you step by step through the process and even introducing you to financial advisers who can help you spread the cost. In most cases you could be in your holiday home with a couple of weeks of purchasing! Imagine starting a whole new lifestyle with Darwin Escapes, why not try out our Ownership Inspiration tool and build your dream holiday home?

Here are out top 10 reasons why owning a holiday home is the best…

Impulsive Getaways

When you own your own holiday home, there is no booking, searching for the best deal, frantically packing and trying to stay under the airlines weight limit. You can literally just get up and go on holiday! Owners often leave the necessities and luxuries at their holiday homes, meaning your packing can be as minimal as you choose, from taking all your DVDs for a movie marathon to bringing a fancy new dress for a night out in the onsite bar & restaurant. Have you had a bad week in work? Then it’s time to head to your personal to relax and recharge.

Enjoying Home Comforts

Your holiday home is exactly that, yours. Imagine going on holiday and being able to take your own style with you, everything inside your luxury holiday home has been personally chosen by you and it’s exactly how you like it. Home comforts are a must when relaxing and recharging, you’ll feel at home as soon as you open the door.

Reduced Travel Time

Owning your own holiday home means reduced travel time. When you go abroad you’ll normally spend a few months looking for the cheapest deal, then you’ll travel an hour or more to the airport, wait around in the airport for up to 3 hours, before sitting in an aeroplane for anything up to 8 hours sometimes. That is a lot of time spent on one or two weeks away! Whereas when you own your own holiday home, you’re generally only a few hours’ drive away from your own personal escape.

Amazing Local Areas

Darwin Escapes has a variety of destinations offering ownership, from North Wales to Cornwall, all our locations have been hand-picked to make the most of the local areas. You’ll be able to take a peaceful stroll to the beach or to your local pub for a few drinks, or jump in the car for a short drive to the many retail parks, cinemas and boutiques available around our destinations.

Quality Family Time

Modern living often means busy lives, finding quality family time can be a struggle. But owning your own holiday home means getting quality time is easier, picking your little ones up on a Friday after school and heading to your personal escape cab the quality time everyone needs. You can spend your weekends relaxing in your holiday home, exploring the local area, seeing friends and making the most of the facilities, there will be something for everyone.

More Frequent Holidays

Due to less travel time, not having to pay every time you visit and not having to book, you can have as many holidays as you choose! Some of our destinations are open 12 months of the year, such as Hawkchurch Resort & Spa in Devon, and some are open for 10 months out of the year, like New Pines Holiday Home Park in North Wales. Our ownership community often spend the 6 week school summer holidays at their home away from home, spending time together and relaxing, while enjoying the facilities and events taking place.

Reduced Cost Per Holiday

Did you know purchasing and running a holiday home is actually cheaper than a 2 week holiday abroad every year? Over a 10 year period a 2 week break abroad will cost you around £1.75 per hour, over the same time period the cost of running a holiday home only costs around 50p per hour! That’s a big saving, plus you will get more frequent breaks throughout the year, not just for two weeks! Check out our pretty infographic for more interesting statics.

No Pet Left Behind

If you have a fur-baby, finding a kennels you’re happy with and isn’t expensive for your pet can be stressful. But what if you could take them with you? The whole family can enjoy a holiday relaxing and exploring the local area around your luxury holiday home.

Joining a Friendly Community

Becoming an owner means more than just finding the perfect escape for you. You’ll be joining a friendly community on park, with all the little ones making life-long friends, family fun events to gather the community throughout the year, as well as spending time with friendly adults and enjoying the evening entertainment.

Stress & Guilt-Free Holidays

When owning your own holiday home you don’t have to feel guilty when wandering to the bar to watch the football game, or spending your day relaxing a good book. You can truly relax and know that your family are as happy and content as you are, giving you that stress and guilt free holiday you’ve been craving.

How does owning your own holiday home sound?

If you’ve been considering purchasing a holiday home and joining our ownership community, call our dedicated Ownership Team on 01745858010 or talk to an advisor via our Live Chat service. Our friendly team are on hand to answer all your questions and offer any information you may want, you can even book a park tour where you can visit the destination of your choice and see if it’s the right place for you. Darwin Escapes has a total of 8 sales location for you to browse, each having its own unique character and offerings, we are sure to have the ideal holiday home destination for you.

Start your holiday home journey and enjoying your quality time!

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We’ve put together the ultimate holiday checklist of all the things you need to remember to make the most of your UK getaway. Staycations are the perfect getaways for all, whether you’re looking for a family break or a romantic escape, our resorts are waiting for you!

There is so much to discover with a UK holiday break, whether you’re searching for your next adventure, or looking for summer breaks on golden sands and blue seas, Britiain has such a massively diverse landscape that  you can choose any type of holiday and it will be waiting for you to discover.

So here at Darwin Escapes HQ, we’ve put our brains together to come up with this definitive list of what you need to look at before booking your staycation.

breathtaking views

You’ll discover some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, from the stretch of sandy beaches in Dorset to the dramatic mountains of the Lake District.

family fun activities

If you have little ones, activities in the park are a must! Some of our parks have a full Go Active+ program, including climbing walls, archery and some even have an outdoor splash zone.

delicious food

With darwin escapes, you’ll have one of the area’s best restaurants on your doorstep. Relax and kick back with a drink from our fully stocked bars.

relaxing spa treatments

Everyone loves to unwind on holiday. all our spa locations offer relaxing treatments such as a full back massage, refreshing facials and nail treatments

first-class facilities

If you’re looking from saunas and steam rooms or Jacuzzi’s and swimming pools, Darwin Escapes’ handpicked destination are ideal for you

beautiful accommodation

The accommodation makes the holiday, our self-catering lodges are second to none. With sumptuous king sizes beds, luxurious ensuites and spacious, yet stylish, living spaces that trump any hotel room you can find.

Are you ready for a perfect Staycation? Make sure you’ve gone down our checklist to ensure you have the perfect summer holiday with Darwin Escapes this year! We have 17 handpicked holiday locations with 8 of our destinations offering holiday home ownership if you never wanted to leave us!

discover our destinations

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One of the questions that we’re most asked by people who are thinking about holiday home ownership with us is “Can I live in a holiday home all year?”.

Well, the simple answer to this is, no. The holiday home ownership industry can be broken down into two parts; those locations that offer residential park homes and those that offer holiday homes only. We fall into the second category, offering a HUGE range of holiday homes across the UK in our beautiful destinations and having a wide variety of both static caravans and stunning lodges.

Keep reading to find out the differences between park homes and holiday homes. We also tell you about our own holiday home ownership resorts, our open seasons, and site fees (as of April 2021, please note these are subject to change).

what is a holiday home?

Young family walking from their lodgeA holiday home is defined as being a ‘mobile home’ that is owned in addition to your usual bricks-and-mortar home. The key thing to remember is that you can not live in this property permanently, you must own or be renting a permanent residence along with your holiday home. This is a legal requirement of owning a holiday home in the UK.

There are some pretty serious legal facts to take into account with this. For example, if someone fails to follow these rules, it means that they will be considered to be a breach of the regulations and could be liable to a council tax evasion conviction. This can sometimes result in a jail sentence and/or serious financial penalties, so it’s definitely something to be aware of when choosing your holiday home option.

When you buy a holiday home with us, we will ask if you could please provide proof of your main registered address. This could be a council tax bill or other utility bills for your primary home, you are then required to provide proof every year.

Buying a holiday home is much simpler than buying a brick-and-mortar home, it’s a process you will absolutely love! There are no legal fees, so you don’t have to pay out to consult a lawyer or for them to draw up any paperwork. There’s no stamp duty, so you don’t have to worry about paying any extra for the holiday home than the price you see and you holiday home will come fully furnished, so you don’t have to worry about buying a new fridge/freezer or sofa set.

There are literally no worries, you’ll have everything you need in your holiday home and the process is really simple, with our friendly sales team being able to answer any questions you may have and also offer affordable finance options so you know owning your dream holiday home is closer than you think!

how long can I stay in my holiday home?

The total amount of time you can stay in your holiday home throughout the year will vary depending on the license of the holiday resort you choose to own on. This is called our ‘open season’ and it varies between our holiday resorts across the UK.

All our holiday home ownership resorts are open for Christmas, New Year, and the summer holidays, so those daydreams of spreading your toes in the sand and basking in the summer sun are closer than you think! Get some quality family time during all school holidays and find your next adventure with your family and friends in your own UK holiday home.

Interior shot of the open plan living area in the Bowmoor lodge

Below is a guide of our own holiday resorts open seasons:

  • Aberconwy Resort & Spa
    • Open 12 months of the year, but this is not a residential resort, you must still have a primary address.
  • Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa, Hawkchurch Resort & Spa, Piran Meadows Resort & Spa and Norfolk Woods Resort & Spa
    • Open 12 months of the year, however, we do kindly ask all our owners to leave for at least four weeks of the year. This is normally between the 10th January and 10th February.
  • Talacre Beach Resort, New Pines Holiday Home Park and Seaview Holiday Home Park
    • Open 10 months of the year. Closed for six weeks of the year, generally between 10th January and 1st March.

When you become a holiday home owner at one of our holiday parks, you can enjoy as many getaways as you wish. There’s no booking or queuing, you can just jump in the car and off you go on your next holiday break away.

Enjoy the feeling of complete holiday freedom, escape to your own luxurious piece of the world where you can relax and unwind, or explore the local area and find your next adventure around the corner! Imagine jumping in the car or hopping on the train and being only two hours away from your own UK holiday home.

our resorts

what else should I know?

Holiday home owners do not pay council tax as you pay this for your primary residence.

pool at aberconwy, with purple runner lights onEvery holiday home resort will have annual fees you need to pay, these are called site fees. These site fees basically serve the same function as council tax bills, the fees cover the cost of maintaining the park and the facilities, as well as the rental of the plot your holiday home is on.

Your site fees will vary depending on the resort you choose, the location of your plot, and other factors. Our fantastic sales teams will be able to tell you all about these annual costs but below we have our starting site fees costs* at our different locations across the UK.

  • Talacre Beach Resort  |  from £3,852 to £6,804
  • New Pines Holiday Home Park  |  from £3,826 to £6,263
  • Seaview Holiday Home Park  |  from £3,942 to £4,972
  • Aberconwy Resort & Spa  |  £6,471
  • Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa  |  £6,182
  • Piran Meadows Resort  |  £5,218
  • Hawkchurch Resort & Spa  |  £5,815
  • Norfolk Woods Resort & Spa  |  £4,995

After choosing your perfect destination, you can then start searching for your dream holiday home! Here at Darwin Escapes, we have a huge variety of both static caravans and holiday lodges for sale across our resorts. Whether you’re looking for a cosy caravan to start your ownership journey in, or searching for a glorious lodge with spacious open plan living areas, perfect for entertaining family and friends, our resorts will have the perfect holiday home for you and your budget.

*Please note: these costs are correct as of April 2021. They are subject to change, as well as vary for any current offers, so please do contact us for the most up-to-date costs.

about holiday homes

what is a park home?

As with holiday homes, a Park Home is still classified as being a ‘mobile home’ but they are covered by separate legislation.

However, a park home can serve as a permanent residence. They are generally a detached bungalow-style construction, which comes in various sizes and styles. Modern park homes are similar to standard bricks and mortar homes in a lot of ways, without looking like it. They are centrally heated, have double glazed windows and mains plumbed in.

The major difference between park homes and bricks and mortar home is the land on which the property sits. With park homes, residents will not own the land on which the property is situated. You instead pay annual site fees to the owners of the park for as long as you are a resident, these work in a very similar function to council tax bills. This does mean that you will be never in full ownership of the property, it is controlled by the owners of the park.

Here at Darwin Escapes, we do not offer park homes ownership at any of our locations across the UK.

our holiday home ownership options

larger ownership lodge at aberconwy resort at sunset, with the beach, sea and mountain in the backdrop

Here at Darwin Escapes, we have stunning ownership destinations waiting for you to explore, where you can discover a whole new lifestyle and start your journey to endless holidays.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, we have proudly unique locations across the UK, from the sandy beaches of Cornwall, the coastal region of Norfolk, the diverse landscape of North Wales and the stunning Devonshire coastline. Whether you’re searching for a spa getaway or a family-filled adventure location, our resorts have it all and we can’t wait to meet you and find your perfect holiday home with you!

We also have a HUGE range of holiday homes from sale, including new and used lodges and static caravans from the UK’s leading manufacturers. From cosy static caravans, perfect for the weekend break, to luxurious large lodges ideal for summer-long getaways and entertaining friends and family. With such a varied range we are sure to find the perfect fit for you, and with our fantastic finance options available, there’s never been a better time to buy your holiday home in the UK with us here at, Darwin Ecapes!

Find out more information and contact our fantastic team on 0800 717 707

more about ownership

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Our stunning Rivendale Lodge Retreat has been nominated in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2021!

Here at Darwin Escapes, we love creating beautiful spaces that showcase the personality of our locations from family-friendly destinations to county escapes. When designing and building Rivendale, we partnered with NBDA Architects and Lazzeri Creative Interiors, who created a beautiful, welcoming, and relaxing space.

The designers have created a colourful interior, showcasing the landscape with floor to ceiling windows and really making the countryside the main character with a living green wall behind reception, stunning flowers throughout and even flower wallpaper in the truly stunning loos (a sentence you’d never thought you would read, but wait until you see the pictures below!).

The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards have been recognising talent for over ten years with over 100 countries entering the competition. We are so thrilled to be nominated, take a look at the interiors below to see the award-nominated interior.

discover Rivendale Lodge Retreat

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Find your dream holiday home with Darwin Escapes and get ready for a summer of adventures!

Book your virtual tour with our amazing team members at your perfect resort, find your home-from-home with our huge range of holiday homes for sale, and start your ownership journey with Darwin Escapes. Buying your holiday getaway in your dream destination has never been easier with our personalised virtual tours.

what is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is your way of seeing everything you need to about ownership while enjoying a cup of tea in your own living room. Once you have contacted us to book your virtual tour, our fabulous team will contact you to book an appointment that suits your needs.

larger ownership caravan at talacre beach at sunset with mountains in background

Our sales advisor will then give you a video call, you’ll first have a chat about everything you’re looking for when buying a holiday home. From the facilities available at the resort, what kind of holiday home you are looking for and what your budget is. Your personal advisor will then take you for a stroll (virtually of course!) and show you everything the resort has to offer, from swimming pools, spas, and gyms to restaurants and playgrounds.

Then the super exciting bit – you’re advisor will show you a range of holiday homes personally chosen for you based on your conversations. Whether your searching for a large lodge or a fabulous static caravan, we will have the home-from-home perfect for you. You can enjoy looking around the holiday homes, from the bedrooms and living areas to the bathrooms, discuss any extras you may want to include (imagine relaxing in the sun on your own decking?!), and also talk about our affordable finance options if you choose to.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect holiday home, you can buy it from your armchair – it’s really that easy!

book your tour

find your UK destination

Here at Darwin Escapes, we have eight beautiful resorts offering holiday home ownership. Whether you’re searching for a holiday home to escape to in Cornwall, a countryside retreat in Somerset or Norfolk, looking to enjoy the best of both worlds in Devon, or wanting to explore the stunning landscape of the North Wales coastline, our locations are the perfect places for a holiday home retreat.

All our destinations have a HUGE range of holiday homes for sale in the UK, from glorious static caravans to beautiful lodges. Your personal sales advisor will be able to help you find your dream holiday home.

There has never been a better time to book a personalised virtual tour, take full advantage of relaxing in your living room while searching for your home from home.

book your tour

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Buying your dream holiday home with us here at Darwin Escapes is one of the most exciting things you can do, you’ll love finding your home from home in the UK

We have a huge range of static caravans and large lodges for sale around our UK ownership destinations. And whether you’re looking at buying a holiday home in Cornwall or along the North Wales coastline, funding your dream holiday-ever-after is all the same process.

There are 3 main ways to buy your dream holiday home, read more about these options below.

affordable finance options

Here at Darwin Escapes, we offer amazingly affordable finance options, with competitive prices, for buying a holiday home. Our fabulous advisors will be on hand to help you through the process and find the right deal for you, breaking down the payments into monthly installments.

buying in full

This means you would pay the total cost of your holiday home, static caravan, or lodge in full, upfront. You would also pay for any extras upfront, including any decking you may have added.

personal loan

This would be your decision to take a personal loan from a bank. You would then pay for your holiday home in full, but pay the monthly cost of the loan to the bank instead of our own finance options available to you.

And it’s that easy, those are the three ways to finance your holiday home. Find out more information about owning your holiday home in the UK with us by calling our dedicated team on 01745 858010.

Search for the latest holiday homes and lodges for sale at our stunning destinations to find your dream holiday home waiting for you.

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Get set for summer and endless adventures when you buy your dream holiday home with Darwin Escapes

Find your perfect home from home when you book your virtual tour with our fantastic sales team. Whether you’re searching for a countryside weekend retreat or a coastal summer-long getaway, our resorts offer the ideal place to start your ownership journey and discover a new way of holidaying.

what happens on your virtual tour?

Book your personalised virtual tour with one of our team at your chosen resort and enjoy a full tour of our facilities, a team member on hand to answer any questions and a fabulous tour of holiday homes chosen for you.

interior of bar with rustic styling and tables in restaurant area

Once you have booked your tour a member of our team will be in touch to set up a video call appointment at a time that suits you. At the start of the call, you can have a cup of tea on your sofa and have a chat about what you’re looking for in your holiday home, whether you’re searching for the perfect static caravan or a lodge for family getaways.

Your advisor will then show you around the resort, including any facilities, such as the swimming pool, gym, spa and restaurant – you’ll see it all and will be able to ask questions along the way. You’ll then see a range of holiday homes for sale chosen for you by our expert team – this is the really exciting part!

After your tour, you can have another cup of tea (with some more biscuits… because everyone loves biscuits!) and talk to our advisor about our amazing affordable finance options if needed.

Then you can purchase your holiday home from your armchair. It’s that easy! Once you’ve bought your holiday home you can start getting really excited and planning your getaway to your very own home from home!

book your tour

where can you own a holiday home in the UK?

Here at Darwin Escapes, we have eight unique destinations offering holiday home ownership around the UK, from the beautiful English countryside and stunning coastal views to the diverse landscape of North Wales.

Spread your toes in Cornwall‘s famous beaches, catch a wave for the perfect surf or spend time with your family with our fabulous facilities at Piran Meadows Resort in Newquay. Own a static caravan or lodge along the Cornish coast and escape to the seaside when the mood strikes.

larger ownership lodge at aberconwy resort at sunset, with the beach, sea and mountain in the backdrop

Discover endless woodland wanderings and explore the Queen’s gardens in Sandringham when you own a holiday home at our Norfolk Woods Resort & Spa, Norfolk. Spend sunny days on the nearby beach, enjoy muddy walks or relax in the Spa with a luxurious treatment before escaping to your holiday home retreat.

Enjoy the best of both worlds in South Devon at Hawkchurch Resort & Spa, in Axminster, where you can take in the magical Axe Valley view and the stunning Lyme Regis harbour village all in one day. A truly relaxing getaway, owning your home from home here means taking full advantage of the spa facilities, including a stunning hydrotherapy pool.

Climb to the highs of the famous Cheddar Gorge, explore mysterious histories and legends in Glastonbury or simply relax and unwind in the woodlands. Owning your holiday home at Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa in Somerset brings endless adventures in the countryside.

Explore the North Wales coastline with one of our four destinations. Enjoy an owners-only location in both our mountainside peaceful retreat, Seaview, and our stunning spa and beach getaway Aberconwy Resort & Spa, where you can find static caravans and lodges for sale with the most breath-taking views in North Wales. Discover family-focused facilities and being nestled away in our country-club style New Pines Holiday Home Park, which is only a short drive to the beach and seaside town of Rhyl. Or escape to the coast as often as you choose with our Talacre Beach Resort, where you can walk to the golden sands, enjoy family-focused facilities and find your home away from home with us.

We have a huge range of holiday homes for sale around the UK, find your dream static caravan or holiday lodge for sale at one of our beautiful destinations.

Your home from home is waiting for you…

book your tour

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We’ve found all the top five reasons why you should book your staycation today and start planning your getaway!

Now is the time to book your staycation and beat the boom! Here at Darwin Escapes, we have destinations all over the UK for you to find your dream holiday location, with stunning accommodation from static caravans and large lodges to EPIC treehouses and beautiful beach huts! Find your holiday inspiration with us and book your staycation at one of our stunning locations.

1. the best beaches for sandcastles

Did you know that Britain actually has the best sandy beaches for building sandcastles in the world?! So book yourself a beach break away in the UK and pack your bucket and spade. Whether you’re heading south to Cornwall or east to Norfolk, we have destinations along the coastline waiting for you!

2. endless history to discover

The UK is a country full of culture and history, with endless monuments and historic attractions throughout. Including a range of Medieval Castles, especially near our North Wales destinations, as well as Roman Runes and towns that date back to the doomsday book. There will always be something to explore and discover during your staycation.

3. year-round events for everyone

The UK is home to a calendar of a huge variety of events, including world-renowned music festivals, like Glastonbury, huge literacy festivals such as Hay Week and smaller fetes, fairs, and the ever-popular Christmas Markets. So whether you’re looking for a village fete, international music festival, or a Medieval festival, there will be an event for you to enjoy on a weekend staycation with Darwin Escapes.

4. breath-taking landscapes

Are you looking for an adventure-filled holiday? Or maybe a relaxing beach break? Perhaps you’d like both! Well, a staycation is perfect escape for you, book a stay along the North Wales coastline, and you can soak up the sun golden beaches, then challenge yourself with a climb up the Snowdonia Mountain all in the same day. The UK has one of the most diverse landscapes waiting to be discovered and explore on your staycation.

5. explore with your pup!

A staycation often offers the freedom of taking your fur-baby! So if you’re looking for pet-friendly holidays, a staycation could be the best idea for you, and with Darwin Escapes’ luxurious, self-catering lodge’s we have the ideal destination for your pup! There are a number of pet-friendly attractions throughout the UK, including pubs, garden centers, and stately homes, as well as dog-friendly restaurants becoming more popular. And if you’re looking for endless dog walks, Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat in Cumbria is perfect for you and it even has a special dog wash area for you to clean your pup’s muddy paws after a fun, nature-filled walk.

So whether you’re looking for staycation ideas for families, which includes endless fun and family facilities, or you’re really wanting romantic staycation ideas for couples, with a hot tub, relaxing spa facilities, and stunning views, we have the perfect destination for you.

Start planning your holiday break and escape with your friends and family, book your staycation today!

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Britain is teeming with natural wonders for everyone to discover, we’ve listed a few here with Darwin Escapes’ nearest accommodation for you to start planning your trip and beating the staycation boom!

There’s never been a better time to explore the British coastline, there really is so much to do for the whole family. Whether you’re into watersports, mountain climbing or just looking for the perfect beach holiday to sit back and take in the sun, you’ll find it with us. Our stunning destinations are spread around the UK, so you can enjoy a lodge holiday break, with spectacular facilities, in all corners of the country, from the very tip of picturesque South Cornwall to the stunning Scottish coastline, we will have the location for you.


Durdle Door

Photo of the Durdle Door in Dorset from the water edge















Possibly one of the most famous landmarks in the UK, Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch along the Jurassic Coast. Although open to the public, it is privately owned by the Welds family who own around 12,000 acres in Dorset in the name of the Lulworth Estate.

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Cheddar Gorge

Photo of the Cheddar Gorge during a sunset















Offering the most beautiful of scenery, the limestone Cheddar Gorge is in the heart of the Mendip Hills. It is home to the Cheddar show caves where Britain’s oldest human skeleton, Cheddar Man, was found and dated at over 10,000 years old.

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The Needles

Photo of the Needles in the Isle of Wight













The amazing world-famous attraction is a row of three stacks of chalk that rise about 30 metres out of the sea. The Needles Lighthouse is on the outer end of the rocks and was built in 1859.

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Snowdonia National Park

Photo of a lake in Snowdonia National Park















The national park is a region in North Wales where includes mountains and stunning glacial landforms. Home to Mount Snowdon, Wales’ highest mountain you can enjoy breathtaking views from the peak, which stretch across the sea to Ireland on a clear day.

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Scafell Pike

Photo of Scafell Pike in the Lake District







Climb the highest mountain in England, which is around 978 metres above sea level. Located in the Lake District National Park, Scafell Pike is part of the British National Three Peaks Challenge for avid climbers.

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Winnats Peak

Photo of Winnats Pass in the Peak District















Take a trip down the winding road of the limestone gorge. The ridges were thought to have formed as a ravine between coral reefs that originally formed the limestone.

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Darwin Escapes has glorious holiday destinations in the UK for you to explore, from the Yorkshire Wolds to the Welsh coast. We are sure to have the perfect holiday break away for you, book now and beat the staycation boom!

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