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halloween 2015 events in North Wales

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October 21, 2015

The historic region is full of spooky tales and horrifying goings-on, see what Halloween 2015 has in store for you around North Wales. With four resorts to choose from in North Wales, the region has plenty to offer. And with as much history as it has, there are some brilliantly spooky places to visit this Halloween and scare yourself silly!

Penrhyn Castle

Enjoy Halloween Victorian style! There is a lot going on in the majestic Penrhyn Castle this Halloween, something for all ages! Spend the day with fun-filled family thrills, crafts and Victorian tricks, find cooks apples around the grounds before night fall. Let the ghostly servants entertain you with games and treats, pick your favourite ghoulish costume and have your face painted – just watch out for some crafty tricks! For an extra £1 enjoy the Boggle and Shapeshifter magical tales over the Halloween weekend, these strange and mysterious creatures are brought to life through expert puppetry and performance, you even get to have a hand in deciding their fate! Join in the spooky Ghost Tours over Halloween weekend, the haunting housekeeper will take you on a fright-filled journey of dark secrets and horrifying tales. Are you brave enough to venture on a castle tour after dark? Check the website for details as some events are at particular times of the day. A great family Halloween 2015 to be had here!

museums at night

A great night of frights and fun in an historic Welsh castle, learn the history and maybe even catch a glimpse of a ghost walking around. Bodelwyddan Castle has featured on many popular paranormal TV shows like Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters International and even Educating Joey Essex: Reem Halloween (this was a tv show?). Dating back to the 15th Century, the castle is steeped in Welsh history, during the 1830’s it was under going a renovation and a human skeleton was discovered bricked up behind a fireplace. It was then reburied upstairs behind the statue of the long man, who the skeleton belongs to and why it was there is still a mystery to this day. Over the centuries, ghostly sightings have been reported by visitors and staff alike, tales of a lady wearing an elaborate blue dress walking through a wall, unexplained voices echoing through the castle and a dark figure lurking in the cellar and many more. Join the staff after-hours and explore the hidden treasures this Halloween, if you dare!

halloween monster mash ball

Jump on the Chester Boat and enjoy a Halloween party down the River Dee, ‘The Lady Diana’ will be turning into a ghoulish ghost ship for one night only, don’t miss out. For a fiendishly fun 3 hour sailing trip, with a spooktacular Halloween Monster Mash Ball, this boat trip has everything! Exceptional music with a live disco to dance the night away with great Halloween tunes and floor fillers, as well as wonderful food with an on board BBQ supper. Pick your best costume for the night and try your luck at the best fancy dress competition but keep an eye out for any tricks or treats too! The famous Party Nights Afloat Cruise will be setting sail from The Groves in Chester and you will get back to town with plenty of time to join the other ghouls and ghosts to party the night away.

halloween at Ruthin gaol

Ruthin is an old Welsh town, full of stories and ghosts of the past, why not spend Halloween night at the Ruthin Gaol and see how brave you really are? Ruthin is a beautiful town in the North Wales hills, it has kept its old world charm with monuments dating back to King Arthur’s era. And the local jail, known as the Ruthin Gaol, being no different is also steeped in history. Dating back to the 17th Century the house of corrections has been home to many prisoners over the years, as well as being used as a factory during World War II. With its fair share of torment, misery and tragedy it is no wonder why paranormal stories have been rife with staff and visitors alike. Tales of prison doors slamming in a domino-effect, motion sensors randomly going off when no one is around and a young girls’ laughter being heard through out the jail. So are you brave enough to spend the night here on All Hallows Eve? A ghost hunters paradise, the night is sure to be fun-filled and spooky, plenty of great tales to tell your friends!

Happy Halloweening ghosts and ghouls! Have a fangtastic half term and Halloween!

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