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how long will my lodge last?

A common concern shared by many prospective holiday home owners is the question of exactly how long a holiday lodge is expected to last. Well, if you adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule you can quite literally expect one of our holiday lodges to last a lifetime.

We work with only the best UK holiday home manufacturers to ensure absolute quality. This is a trait which you will find across every aspect of the Darwin Escapes offering as we strive to ensure unrivalled levels of luxury which enable you to carve a lifetime of happy holiday memories in a safe and secure environment.

The manufacturers we work with are the best in the industry, so all the Devon lodges for sale at Hawkchurch Resort & Spa have been designed with both style and practicality in mind. This means they will be low maintenance and also durable with an allowance made for expected wear and tear.

The only maintenance you can realistically expect to face are things like keeping the guttering clear of dirt and debris. We can of course work with you on this, providing recommendations on the right people to do the job and when this should be done.

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holiday home warranty

Any new lodge purchased at Hawkchurch Resort & Spa will come with its own manufacturer warranty. This will of course vary depending on the maker of the lodge, but generally includes:

  • 40 year holiday home roof warranty;
  • 10 year extended warranties available under various schemes;
  • 10 Year lodge frame warranty;
  • 5 year window warranty;
  • 10 year warranty on glazed units;
  • 15 years warranty covering cladding;
  • Decking is covered by 10 year warranty;
  • Equipped with only the best appliances and white goods.
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Our resorts in England and Wales are open. Please note, the opening times for all facilities and bistros/restaurants are subject to change throughout the 2021 season. All visitors and guests are asked to follow all government advice relating to Covid-19 whilst at our resorts.

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