our Nordic Spa

find your peaceful escape

Relax in unrivaled luxury when you check in to our woodland Nordic Spa here at The Kilnwick Percy Resort which is located in the midst of the Yorkshire Wolds countryside.

Our stunning facility features an unrivaled massaging hot tub as well as our unique swim spa which offers a very different swimming experience from what you may have had previously.

For those looking to relax and rejuvenate, the Nordic Spa is an oasis of calm and an escape from your worries, allowing you to feel a world away from busy daily life thanks to beautiful trees which edge the perimeter and beyond, creating a cosy and secluded sanctuary of calm and relaxation.

Our Nordic Spa in Pocklington is located at our state of the art fitness facility which is called The Box Health & Fitness Studio which is undoubtedly one of the best equipped and most luxurious health facilities in the region. We don’t just look after your physical health here, but also your mental wellbeing which is why we’ve invested so heavily into the stunning woodland Nordic spa to help create an area where guests can relax and watch their stresses wash away.

Please note, children under the age of 16 cannot use the Nordic Spa. 

what is a nordic spa?

The concept of a Nordic Spa originates from Scandinavia and is a practice which dates back thousands of years. It is a practice which has been adopted across the world with the overall aim being to create an experience which aides wellbeing – both in terms of physical health and also mental wellbeing.

Our outdoor Nordic Spa has a stylish and attractive traditional wooden design and includes Jacuzzis and even a swim spa which creates a wonderful swimming experience. The relaxation area is great for rejuvenating after a day at work or after a strenuous workout, as you take in the tranquil atmosphere and wind down both physically and mentally.

The Nordic Spa has been designed with wellbeing in mind. Spending time in the outdoors, surrounded by nature has been documented in a range of scientific publications to enhance feelings of happiness and wellbeing. In addition, Jacuzzis offer a number of health benefits including increased circulation and the reduction of arthritic pain, with recent scientific literature even suggesting that hot tubs may increase levels of important ‘happiness hormones’ including serotonin.

Sitting in a Jacuzzi hot tub is a soothing way to start or end the day, the heat and water jets and bubbles can help improve circulation and enhance lymphatic drainage. Hot tubs may also improve sleep. It is thought the mechanism behind this is related to the body relaxing following a hot soak, as well as a reduction in stress hormones such as cortisol. These two factors can calm both the body and the mind, reducing muscle tension and levels of anxiety to help you drift away into a great night’s sleep a couple of hours later.


spa days at the KP Resort

If you are not currently a member of The Box fitness suite, then you will always have the option of purchasing a day pass to gain access to our Nordic Spa so that you can enjoy a luxury spa day in East Yorkshire which is unlike anything else you will have experienced before.

With a spa day pass, you will gain access to the full facilities which are afforded to members at any time. Whilst there you will find out exactly what you have been missing out on at our tranquil retreat which is hidden amongst the peaceful Yorkshire Wolds woodland. Click on the link below to book a luxury spa day here at the KP Resort.

Yorkshire holidays at the KP Resort

Anyone staying in one of the luxurious holiday lodges or hotel pods which are on offer at The KP Resort are also fully entitled to take full advantage of our Nordic Spa at a small cost. We leave no stone un-turned in our pursuit of excellence with the overall aim of helping to create holiday memories which will last a lifetime. You will never want to leave our stunning resort once you’ve experienced our wide range of facilities and the iconic countryside surroundings.

The Nordic Spa provides the best optimal environment for enjoying a relaxing Jacuzzi, swim or peaceful escape as you take in the stunning natural surroundings and even the night skies as you refresh and renew.

We can’t wait to welcome you to The Kilnwick Percy Resort and show you our outstanding outdoor Nordic Spa.