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If you are looking for gyms in the Yorkshire area, then you’re in the right place.

The Box health and fitness studio is located on the grounds of the luxurious Kilnwick Percy Resort & Golf Club in Pocklington.

Our gymnasium is perched on an elevated position to ensure the best possible views overlooking the stunning Yorkshire Wolds to provide a stunning backdrop to help motivate you as you undertake your new fitness regime.

The facilities which are available to you are just as impressive as the surroundings, with our Pocklington gym having state-of-the-art gym equipment designed to accommodate varying fitness regimes. Our on-site personal trainers will be happy to work with you on this to help you obtain your target weight and shape, or simply to help you improve your overall health.

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our Pocklington Gym facilities

The elevated position of our gym is an inspiring location for fitness activities, helping to keep you motivated as your undertake your schedule.

Our on-site personal trainers will be on hand right from your first introductory meeting where you will receive a complimentary induction.

They will then work with you to help you devise a tailored exercise plan to help you achieve your targets regardless of whether it is weight loss or toning and strength. We will take your mental wellbeing into account to, to make sure that you build up slow and don’t overstretch yourself. This is all about finding what is best for you. Your first session will conclude with a 30 minute personal training session, so make sure that you bring everything that you need for this.

The state of the art Technogym equipment that we have at our facility is extensive, and designed to accommodate the varying training needs of our many members. No ones fitness routine is the same after all, and our equipment reflects this.

Our personal trainers will review you every six weeks to ensure that you are getting the most from your training sessions and recommend any alterations which they feel may be required in order for you to obtain your targets.

In the interim between reviews, all members will be given access to a free Technogym wellness app as part of their monthly membership so that you can track your progress. Our team will work through this data with you to help make our decisions more informed when it comes to deciding your future direction.

We are incredibly flexible, with lengthy opening hours at The Box so that you can fit your programme around your work and home life with the gym being open from 6am – 10pm Monday to Friday and then 8am – 8pm on Saturday and Sunday.

studio fitness classes

The range of fitness classes we have available is just as extensive as our gym equipment to ensure we can facilitate your training programme. This includes classes such as Box fit to work the upper body as well as circuits so that you can work on your cardio.

It isn’t just your physical health that we will focus on, with your wellbeing also a large consideration. Our Yoga sessions are a great addition to any fitness programme in this regard, helping you achieve inner peace whilst at the same time improving posture and balance.

what is included in membership?

The first stage of your membership will be a free 30 minute personal training session where our team will gain a better understanding of your current fitness levels and the future direction that you want to take.

We’ll then come up with your tailor made plan and show you around all the facilities and classes you will need in order to do this. As part and parcel of your membership our team will review this plan with you every six weeks at no extra charge.

Depending on the level of membership that you obtain, you may also have access to our glorious Nordic Spa alongside our gym facilities and classes where you’ll find a massaging hot tub and a unique swim spa. If you are not a member of The Box then you can always purchase a spa day passes to utilise these fantastic facilities and get an idea of what you are missing out on by not being a member of our gym.

That is not all. The Box is located on the grounds of the glorious Darwin Escapes owned KP Resort and we are also able to offer a number of discounts at our other on-site facilities including at the mouth-watering Glasshouse Restaurant & Bar, the on-site golf shop as well as our range of stunning accommodation options.

In addition to all this, you will also receive three free guest passes so that friends and family can also take advantage of the Box and everything that we have to offer.

the box gym membership

From just £25 per month and with no contract required, you can become a member of one of the best gyms in Pocklington.

We offer a range of options ranging from a monthly rolling agreements, short term 3 month membership packages and also annual subscriptions to ensure we can accommodate as wide a variety of customers as possible. All members of The Box will also benefit from access to our Nordic Spa.

There are a number of different levels of gym membership available to choose from depending on the kind of monthly budget that you had in mind. You can read more about these on our Box Membership packages page which includes details of our 16-19 membership package which is designed specifically for young adults and includes access to our full gym facilities and fitness classes as well as our Nordic Spa so you can chill out with friends after sessions.

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