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looking to improve your golf?

Whether you are new to the game, or an elite player, our PGA coaching team at Kilnwick Percy Golf Club is here to help.

Under the guidance of our Head Golf PGA Professional Ben McAllister, our team will help you reach your golfing goals, regardless of your age or ability. Using our extensive facilities, and the latest technology including Trackman launch monitors, we will have you playing to your potential in no time.

from beginners to elite amateurs

Our team are super passionate about the sport and helping golfers to reach their goals. Using Trackman technology, we will access your game and agree on the best strategy to move your game forward.

Working on the practice range, short game areas and on the course, our team will continue to monitor your improvement to ensure we are reaching the goals set.

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custom fitting

Whether you are new to golf beginner or an elite player, making sure you buy the right golf clubs is a crucial factor in improving and enjoying your golf.

Every golf swing is unique,  so ensuring that the clubs you buy are right for your swing is crucial if you want to achieve better results.

Using Trackman technology, our PGA Professional staff are enabled to analyse your swing characteristics to better understand your game, and what specifications will help you dial in your game.


Trackman has enjoyed the status of being the de facto training tool amongst the leaders of the game; from hundreds of Tour players to thousands of coaches to every golf equipment manufacturer in the industry.

  • Club head speed, smash factor & angle of attack
  • Club path
  • Ball speed
  • Horizontal & vertical launch angles
  • Carry distance
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lessons and custom fitting
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