Mullion Cove careers

Are you looking for jobs in Mullion? Why not take a look at the jobs near Helston in Cornwall which is available with Darwin Escapes.

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Working at Mullion Cove goes hand in hand with competitive rates of pay, clear career progression opportunities, and a wide selection of highly sought-after company benefits with one of the UKs fastest growing and most luxurious holiday resort operators.

Mullion Cove is perhaps the most aesthetically blessed resort in the Darwin Escapes portfolio; overlooking Mullion Cove itself in what is a peaceful and relaxing location on the Cornwall coast, an idyllic setting in which to spend your working life.

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Be a part of something special…

Darwin Escapes’ aim here is simple – to help our valued holiday guests carve holiday memories which will last an entire lifetime in a safe and secure environment.

We believe that our hardworking team are a fundamental pillar in achieving this, and as such we make every effort to ensure that our team members are happy and content in their roles.

We achieve this by offering clear career progression opportunities for the ambitious amongst you, and a dedicated care package which helps to ensure that our highly valued team remain happy with their Darwin Escapes career and share our clear and admirable ambitions.